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MAS 946-1 (Sharada)- Aerobic Rice Variety

Rice is the most important food crop cultivated under submerged condition by transplanting. This method of cultivation requires large quantities of water, and is labour intensive. It is estimated that 5000 liters of water is needed to produce 1 kg of rice. Water is most limited natural resource of late, due to failure of rains and over-exploitation of ground water. The dwindling water resources reveal a grim situation for low land puddled rice cultivation. Farmers are seeking alternate methods of cultivation for growing Rice to combat this water scarce situation.

One such method is cultivation of rice under aerobic situation which is characterized by aerated soil environment during the entire period of crop growth. In this type of cultivation, rice is grown like ragi, maize or jowar by giving surface irrigation. Irrigation is provided once in 5-7 days in direct seeded aerobic rice crop. Varieties suitable for this type of cultivation also possess ability to withstand drought periods. Varieties are bred for aerobic situation with root introgressed from upland genotype base that yield on an average of 5.51/ ha of grain and 6.0 t/ha of fodder. This type of cultivation saves about 60 percent of water.

The amount of methane emitted under aerobic situation is very low thus protecting the environment. A new mid-early, medium fine grain, high yielding variety MAS 946-1 was released by the University for Aerobic Cultivation in zone 5 of Karnataka in 2007.


•    Puddling, transplanting and Submerged irrigation not required
•    Direct sowing of as in case of Ragi or Maize or Sorghum
•    Seed rate of 7 kg/ha and Saving of seed rate upto 80% and labour 30%
•    Medium duration of 120 days with erect plant type
•    Irrigation once in 3-5days a

VANDANA: RR 167-962:IET 12304

Parentage: C 22 / Kalakeri Release & notification: 1992 & 2002 Breeder: Dr. P. K. Sinha, Dr. K. Prasad, Dr. V. S. Chauhan Ecology: Favourable & unfavourable UplandsArea of adaptability: Bihar, Jharkhand and OrissaSpecial feature: Tall, duration 90 days; long bold grains; 2.5-3.0 t/ha & 3.5-4.5 t/ha average grain yield in direct seeded & transplanted condition, respectively; weed competitive; drought tolerant, deep root system: moderately resistant to blast & brown spot.

KALINGA III : CR 2 3 7-1 : IET7964

Parentage: AC 540 / Ratna Release & notification: 1983 & 1988 Breeder: Dr. K. Sreenivasalu Ecology: UplandsArea of adaptability: Bihar, Jharkhand, Gujarat and OrissaSpecial feature: Tall, duration 85 days, long slender grain, resistant to brown spot, cold tolerant, average yield 2.5-3.0 M ha.


High yielding variety released by DRR, Hyderabad Varadhan is a mid-early duration variety (125 days) with semi-dwarf stature, erect and improved plant type having strong culm, prominent flag leaf in the top canopy, lower panicle position with long and heavy panicles. Being an indica x tropical japonica derivative, it has got very high yield potential and recorded 18 - 20% yield advantage over national, regional and local checks in 3 years of AICRIP trials. It has been released for Haryana, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh vide Notification No. SO 2458 (E) dated 16.10.2008. The salient features of the variety is riven below. Parentage             : (Swarna x 9314)/BR 827-35Yield potential      : 55 - 65 quintals/ha (under good management condition) Days to maturity  : 125 daysYield advantage    : 22% over Sasyasree, 18% over IR 64 and 9% over PA 6201 hybridGrain type and quality: Short bold, high Milling (72%) and Head rice recovery (60%) and intermediate Alkali Spreading Value (5.0).Biotic stress Resistance: Resistant to Rice tungro disease and moderately resistant to Leaf blast, Sheath rot and White Backed Plant Hopper (WBPH).Recommended for: Haryana, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.


High yielding variety released by DRR, Hyderabad

Akshayadhan is a medium duration variety (135 days) with improved erect plant type having medium-tall stature (> 100 cm), strong culm, synchronous tillering, lower panicle position with long and heavy panicles. Being an indica x tropical japonica derivative, the variety recorded very high yield advantage over national, regional and local checks in 3 years of AICRIP trials.

The variety was released for four states viz., Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand, vide Notification No. S.0.2458 (E) dated 16.10.2008. The salient features of the variety is given below.
Pedigree                        :    BR 827-35 x SC5 109-2-2

Yield potential               :     60-70 quintals/ha (under good management conditions)

Days to maturity          :     135 days
Yield advantage            :         ❖    25% over Jaya variety
                                                ❖    17% over KRH-2 hybrid

Grain type and quality     : Long bold, high milling (71%) and head rice recovery (63%), intermediate   Amylose content (24.36%) and Alkali Spreading Value (5.0) and Soft gel consistency (65 mm).
Biotic stress Resistance  : Resistant to Neck blast, moderately resistant to Leaf blast, Rice tungro disease, Sheath rot, Brown spot and White Backed Plan

Rice Varieties resistant to BPH & WBPH


Rice Varieties resistant to BPH

S.No. State Name Duration (days to 50% flowering) Brown Planthopper 1. CVRC Jitendra 135 2. Assam Manoharsali 130 3. Assam Satyaranjan 120 4. Andhra Pradesh Chaitanya 120 5. Andhra Pradesh Chandan 120 6. Andhra Pradesh Sonasali 105 7. Andhra Pradesh Vajram 120 8. Bihar Kanak 110 9. Chhattisgarh Chandrahasini 120 10. Kerala Bhadra 105 11. Kerala Jyothi 85 12. Kerala Ranjani 84 13. Kerala Revathy 105 14. Kerala Uma 100 15. Maharashtra SYE2001 105 16. Madhya Pradesh Ruchi 100 17. Orissa Daya 95 18. Orissa Kshira 105 19. Orissa Mehar 105 20. Orissa Pratap 105
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