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Production Know How
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Stage 2 - Tillering of rice plant



1. This stage extends from the appearance of the first tiller to the maximum tiller number is reached.

2. Tillers emerge from the auxiliary buds of the nodes from main stem or other tillers and displace the leaf as they grow and develop.

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Stage 1 - Seedling of rice plant

1. The seedling stage starts right after emergence and lasts until just before the first tiller appears. During this stage, seminal roots and up to five leaves develop.

2. As the seedling continues to grow after the first Prophyll leaf, two more leaves develop. Leaves continue to d


Stage 0 - Germination to Emergence of rice plant

 1. Germination is defined as the appearance of white tip coleoptile and subsequent growth of it.

2. Seeds are pre-germinated after soaking for 24 hours and incubating for another 24 hours, after pre-germinate the radicle and plumule protrudes through the hull (sprouting).


Vegetative Growth Phase of rice plant

 Vegetative Growth Phase includes Germination, Seedling, Tillering and Stem elongation stages.



Growth Phases of rice plant

The growth of the rice plant is divided into three phases: 


1. Vegetative (germination to panicle initiation);

2. Reproductive (panicle initiation to flowering);

3. Ripening (flowering to

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