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Direct Seeded Rice

Rice can be directly seeded either through dry or wet (pregerminated) seeding.

Dry seeding of rice can be done by drilling the seed into a fine seedbed at a depth of 2-3 centimeters.

Wet seeding requires leveled fields to be harrowed and then flooded (puddling). The field is left for 12-24 hours after puddling, then germinated seeds (48-72 hours) are sown using a drum seeder.

Seed can be broadcast for either dry or wet seeding, but manual weeding is


1. Duration (days) - 120-125
2. Characters of rice (Grain type) - Medium
3. Nursery sowing time - Before end of July
4. Transplanting time - August 3rd week
5. Yield (q.ha) 55- 60

Pusa RH 10

Super fine grained aromatic hybrid with 40% yield advantage over Pusa Basmati 1; 125 days duration, being 15-20 days early, it escapes infestation of major pests and diseases. It is recommended as the first aromatic fine-grained hybrid identified in the country for areas where it has been evaluated viz., Haryana, Delhi and Uttaranchal.

Pusa Sugandh 3 (IET 16313-Pusa 2504-1-31)

 A fine-grained, 125-130 days duration, scented restorer line of WA cytoplasm, 17% yield advantage over Pusa Basmati I with desirable combination of quality features comparable to Taroari Basmati and Pusa Basmati I. It has moderate resistance to blast; released for traditional basmati growing areas of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttaranchal and western Uttar Pradesh.
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