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Herbicide safety


1. The soil acts as an important buffer governing the persistence and fate of most herbicides in the environment. Herbicides have lower residue concern over pesticides.

2. Herbicides applied at planting or during early stages of crop growth, giving more time for degradation of the chemical in the plant and environment and making residues at harvest to be negligible.

 3.  Tropical climate enable faster degradation of chemicals. Majority of herbicides when app


Decision for applying herbicides

 1. Degree of weed species and weed growth

 2. Recommendations for weed control

 3.  Available control measures

4.  Correct timing of herbicide application

 5. Experience in spraying

 6. Probable cost-benefit of applying the herbicide  safety




Herbicide formulations

 1. Commercial solid formulations (WP, WSP, Granules) – concentration is expressed as percentage of the weight of the active ingredient by the weight of commercial solid herbicide (weight/weight).

2. Commercial liquid formulations - concentration is expressed as the weight of the active ingredient by the volume of the commercial emulsifiable concentrate herbicide (weight/ volume). Different herbicide formulations are  given below,


Herbicide Usage and Calculations

Herbicide carriers: They are some inert materials mixed with herbicides for uniform spreading. eg., sand, water, dry soil, clay etc. 
Water requirement for spray solution: For uniform application over a large area requires mixing of the herbicide with required quantity of carrier needed. The amou
nt of water used affects the herbicide’s effectiveness and the ease of application.


Herbicides should not be applied like, insecticides and fungicides. Specific nozzles are used for herbicide spraying.

Flat fan nozzles: They produce a tapered edge, fan pattern for broadcast spraying and when foliar penetration and coverage are not required. The operating pressure should be low so that medium to coarse droplets.

Floodjet nozzles: Useful for liquids and mixture herbicides. They produce wide angle pattern and distribution pattern
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