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Rice Root Weevil

1. This weevil is a localized pest in the rice area around Rajpura. However, this pest has also been observed in some other areas in the State.

2. Its white, legless grubs feed on roots in the soil from July to September. The attacked plants turn yellow, stunted and produce only a few tillers.

3. Apply one of the following granular insecticides in the standing water:- 3 kg of Thimet/Foratox 10G (phorate) per acre.


Rice Hispa


1. Rice hispa a serious pest in some areas of the Gurdaspur and Amritsar districts and is also found in the other rice growing areas of the state.

2. The grubs of this pest tunnel in to the leaves, whereas the adults are exposed feeders. The grubs cause damage by producing bold, white streaks on the leaves.

3. If the attack starts in the


Plant hoppers


1. These hoppers include, whitebacked plant hopper and brown planthopper. Both nymphs and adults of these pests suck the cell sap particularly from the leaf-sheath from July to October. 2. The crop dries up in patches. As the plants dry up, the hoppers migrate to the adjoining plants and kill them. In a few days, the area of the dry patches enlarges.

Rice stemborer


1. The larvae of these insects bore into the stem and cause damage from July to October.

2. The affected young plants show dead-hearts (yellowing and drying of central shoot) whereas the old ones produce empty earheads which turn white and stand erect.

3. The fields showing more than 5% dead hearts (economic threshold level) should be spray


Insect Pests of Punjab State

Important insect pests of punjab state are

1. Rice stemborer .

2. Leaf Folder.

3. Plant hoppers.

4. Grasshoppers.

5. Rice Hispa.

6. Rice root weevil.

7. Rice-ear-cutting-caterpillar

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