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Contingency Plan for Andhra Pradesh

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Suggested Contingency measures

Early season

drought (delayed


Major Farming situation

Crop/cropping system

Change in crop/cropping system

Agronomic measures

Delay by 4 weeks

(July 1st Week)

Upland - Rainfed


No change

Direct seeding can be taken up with short duration varieties under dry conditions and later converted to wet paddy after receipt of good rainfall



Black soils

Paddy- Paddy

No change

1.   Where ever possible green manure crops like sunhemp, pillipesara, greengram may be sown with little showers. Some portion of sunhemp may be fed as fodder, left over may be incorporated as and when release of water

2.   When the aged seedlings transplanted, increase N level by
50% and apply in equal splits in
the main field

3.   Direct sowing of paddy with
drum seeder

Dry seeding of rice can also be takenup with Gallmidge resistant varieties like Eerramallelu, Kavya, Jagtial sannalu,polasaprabha are preferred


Nitrogen application in nurseries may be avoided


Red soils


No change

Same as above

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