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Contingency Plan for Haryana

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Suggested Contingency measures

Early season

drought (delayed


Major Farming situation

Crop/cropping system

Change in crop/cropping system

Agronomic measures



release of

water in

canals due to

low rainfall



No change

Use 10-15% higher seed rate, 

Optimum plant spacing 

Sprinkler irrigation, Planting on beds, planting with ridger   seeder, Laser land leveling, 

Conjunctive use of canal and ground waters.

Split application of fertilizer,

Application of organic manures,

Straw mulching, Adopt Short duration cultivars 

Adoption of plant protection measures  Soaking of wheat seeds before sowing, seed treatment with biofertilizer , deep ploughing during kharif season

Shallow irrigation of 4-5 cm depth, weed  free environment

Synthesized from the website of the Ministry of Agriculture ( and CRIDA  

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