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Bundelkhand zone of Uttar Pradesh

1. Bundelkhand zone falls under agro-climate zone of central plateau and hill region and has a total geographical area of about 2.952m.ha. 2. The climate of the region is semi-arid and rainfall ranges from 800-1000mm with annual average of 936mm. The region comprise of 6 districts of Jhansi,jalaun, lalitpur,banda,mahoba and hamirpur. 3. The rainfall is highly erratic, and more than 90% of the rainfall is received from june to septembar with several intermittent long spells. 4. In this region, monsoon rainfall is the key source of water as the irrigation through cannals and tube wells are limited

Eastern Zone of Uttar Pradesh

1. Eastern Uttar Pradesh carries a geographical area of 8.844sq. It covers the districts namely, Bahraich,Balia,Basti,Gonda,Allahabad,Gorakhpur,Maharajganj,Deoria,Padrauna,Azamgarh,Mau,Varanasi,Chandauli,Jaunpur, Amedernagar,Sultanpur,Faizabad Ghazipur,Mizzapur,Sonbhadra, Sant ravidas nagar, Sant kabirnagar,Siddarthnagar and Pratapgarh.

2. It lies in middle ganga velley. It has a level topography excepting the southern upland of mirzapur, sonbhadra districts and vindhyan formations of Allahabad districts.

3. Its northern part covering the part of areas of Gonad, Bahraich,Basti,Deoria,Gorakhpur, Padrona, Siddarathanagar, and Maharajgaj are occupied by tarai region in a width of nearly 250km in adjoining Himalayan tract.

4. It has a mid and sub-humid climate with moderate seasonal and annual variability of rainfall. The saryu-par plain as wellas the Ghagra-ganga Doeb are flood prone whereas Yamunapar region of Allahabad district and parts of Mirzapur, Varanasi, and Sonbhadra districts are drought prone.

5. Eastern uttar Pradesh has a characteristics subsistence agriculture zone with low agricultural efficiency. Its net cultivates area is 8.498 million ha.

6. The irrigation intensity in eastern U.P. is low and further level of irrigation development remains very meager in the districts of Allahabad, Mirzapur, Sonbhadra, Bahriach, and Gonad.


Western zone of Uttar Pradesh

1 . Western U.P. carries a geographical area of 82.192% sq km which covers 24 districts namely Saharanpur, Rampur, Bijnour, Moradabad, Philibhit, Bareilly, Lakhimpur, Muzaffarnagar, Meerut, Ghaziabad, Gautam budh nagar, Bulandshahr, Badaun, Shajahanpur, Agra, Mathura, Aligarh, Mahamayanagar, Mainpuri, Etah , Etawah, Kanshiram nagar and Farrukhabad.

2. Western U.P. is further sub- divided in to plain area, southern- western semi-arid zone covering Agra, Etawah, Mathura, etc. and tarai zone covering areas of Philibhit, Bareilly, Lakhimpur, Saharanpur, Rampur, Bijionar, and Moradabad.

3. It lies wholly in the upper ganga valley.It climate is semi-arid with an annual rainfall of 600-1000mm. It has a level topography whose monotony is partially broken in the northern bhabar-tarai belt or the ravine lands of Yamuna and its tributaries or the river chanels themselves.

4. Western U.P. is the most developed agricultural region of the state. It’s cultivates area is 73.93% of total reporting area.Western U.P. zone does not only stands first in agricultural land in the zone with better irrigation facilities both through tube well irrigation (61.77%) and canal irrigation 27.37% in this zone(70-80%, with regional average of 75%).


Rice Based Ecosystems of Uttar Pradesh

The Uttar Pradesh state is divided into 4 major agro-climatic zones viz.

1. Western zone.

2. Eastern zone.

3.Central zone.

4. Bundelkhand zone.

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