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Rice Gall midge (Sanrhakeet)


Scientific name: Orseolia oryzae, Cecidomyiidae, Diptera. Local name: Sanrhakeet. Symptom of attack: The central shoot instead of producing leaf produces a long tubular structure. When the gall elongates as an external symptom of damage, the insect will be in pupal stage and ready for emergence. . Nature of damage: The maggot bores i

Management of Rice stem borer (Tana bedhak)

In Nursery: In 10 - 12 days nursery plant, apply Carbofuran 3G @ 250 gm, or Forate 10G @100 gm per 100 m2 nursery area. Roughing: Tillers showing dead hearts should be removed and their destruction must be outside the field, it reduces the infestation. Biological control: Use 8 Trichochord (Bio-agent Trichogramma) three times (total 24 in numbers), at one week interval just after one month of transplanting for one hectare. Chemical control: Cartop Hydrochloride 4G @ 20 kg/ha is found to

Rice stem borer (Tana bedhak)


Scientific name: Scirpophaga incertulas, Pyraustidae, Lepidoptera Local name: Tana bedhak.

Symptoms of attack: A number of stem borer moths seen dead and floating on the water in the fields. In the vegetative stage, dead hearts seen in the affected tillers and in the reproductive stage, whiteear may be seen.

Nature of dama


Insects in Rice crop of Uttar pradesh

Rice crop of different regions within Uttar Pradesh state is attacked by five major insects. They are-

1. Rice stem borer.

2. Rice gall midge.

3. Rice swarming caterpillar.

4. Rice leaf folder.

5. Rice gandhi bug / earhead bug.


Deficiency symptoms of potassium


1. Plant becomes stunted in growth with shortening of internodes and busy in appearance.

2. K deficiency in plants show reduced rate of photosynthesis.

3. In Rice the leave tips will dark brown in colour and blades will blueish green, chlorotic and necrotic are seen.

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