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Package of Practices
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Tillage Patterns

Tillage Patterns

1. An optimal tillage pattern reduces the time spent in non-productive work.

2. One of the most important objectives of a tillage pattern is to minimize the number of turns and maximize the length of the tillage runs.

3. There are several patterns that can be used when tilling a field. These are

  • Circuitous pattern
  • Up and back or headland pattern
  • Land system pattern



It is a mechanical manipulation of soil to provide favorable condition for crop production. Soil tillage consists of breaking the compact surface of earth to a certain depth and to loosen the soil mass, so as to enable the roots of the crops to penetrate and spread into the soil. These objectives are include:

  • To obtain deep seed bed, suitable for dif



Land leveling is expected to bring permanent improvement in the value of land. Leveling work is carried out to modify the existing contours of land so as to achieve certain objectives desired for efficient agricultural production system. These objectives are includes:

(i) efficient application of irrigation water,

(ii) improved surface drainage,


Rice growing seasons of Uttar Pradesh

Two rice growing seasons in Uttar Pradesh

1. Kharif

2. summer

Kharif is the main season for growing rice crop in Uttar Pradesh. During this Season, Rice is sown in June- July and harvested in November- December. Kharif rice is also called winter rice due to harvesting time in winter.

In few districts of Uttar Pradesh viz., Philibhit, Bilaspur,Bijnaur rice is grown as summer rice in which nursery is sown in month of November and 60-65 days old nursery is transpl


Rice Growing Soils of Uttar Pradesh

Seven well defined and distinct soil groups differing from one another in their geological formations and pedogenic characters have been recognized in the state. The main zonal and azonal soil formations of the state have developed within these broad soil groups. Each of these soil groups have developed under the combined influence of a wide range of soil forming factors including climate, vegetation and parent material. They show characteristically different agricultural conditions with resp

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