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Flat Grain Beetle


Scientific name: Cryptolestus minutas, Laemophloeus pusillus

Family: Cucujidae

Order: Coleoptera.

Host range: Rice, maize, wheat with excessive brokens, different flours, groundnut particularly with high moisture and mouldy grain.

Nature of damage: Both adults and grubs feed on stored products and


Long headed flour beetle

Scientific name: Latheticus oryzae

Family: Tenebrionidae

Order: Coleoptera

Host range: Cereal flours, packaged food, rice and rice products, grains with excessive dust, dockage and broken grains with high moisture contents preferred.

Nature of damage: Both grubs and adults feed.


Rust red flour beetle


Scientific name: Tribolium castaneum .

Family: Tenebrionidae.

Order: Coleoptera.

 Host range: Broken grains/ mechanically damaged grains, germ portion and milled products.

Heavy infestation causes stinking odour in flour, adversely affecting the dough quality. It is an important pest for mill machinery. Nature of damage:


Angoumois grain moth or Grain moth


Scientific name: Sitotroga cerealella.

Family: Gelechiidae.

Order: Lepidoptera.

Host range: Paddy, maize, jowar, barley and wheat (rarely).

It is not capable of attacking milled rice or other cereal products.

Symptom of damage:

Grains with circular emergence hole with characteristic flap/trap door<


Lesser grain borer/Hooded grain borer/paddy borer beetle


Scientific name: Rhyzopertha dominica. Family: Bostrychidae Order: Coleoptera Host range: Paddy, rice, wheat, maize. It is able to attack. paddy more easily than S. oryzae. Symptom of damage: Presence of round tunnel (1 mm) in grains and root crops. In bagged storage irregular messy waste flour spots indicate infestation of the pest. Presence of frass, s
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