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Question : Suggest precautions to avoid health hazards due to pesticidal spraying ?
Answer :

Don’t spray on windy days and against the wind direction. Use hand gloves and protective clothing while handling and applying pesticides. Do not eat, drink and smoke during spraying.

Question : Which points are to be considered while spraying herbicides?
Answer :
• Use recommended dose of herbicide and avoid over and under dose.
• Apply liquid formulations after mixing with 60 kg sand.
• Apply herbicide 2-3 days after transplanting.
• Water should be kept ponded in the field after their use.
• Do not use the same group of herbicide year after year.
• Wear hand gloves while applying herbicides.
• Do not apply the liquid formulation directly by making a hole in the lid or after putting in bottles.
• During spray, always use the flood-zet or flat fan nozzle.
• Use the recommended quantity of water during spraying, which again is not being followed by the farmers.
• Do not spray the herbicide when wind is blowing at high speed.
• While spraying, ensure the uniform pressure and speed so that application of herbicide is equal to the field in time and space.
Question : What is integrated weed management?
Answer :

Preventive method includes measures taken to avoid introduction or spread of specific weed species. It includes the use of certified seeds, proper management of livestock and implements, keeping bunds and irrigation canals free from weeds, preventing shattering of weed seeds in the field and checks the spread of weeds that reproduce vegetatively. Physical/mechanical method involves hand-weeding and inter-row cultivation. Cultural and ecological methods involve alteration of growing conditions aimed at suppressing indirectly weed population by increasing the competitive ability of the crop. Chemical method involves the use of herbicides.

Question : Methods to control the weeds in direct seeded rice?
Answer :

Hand weeding at 20days and 40days. If labour is not available apply Anilophos 500ml or Butachlor 1250ml mixed in 20kg of sand and broadcast 5days after drilling. If different kinds of weeds are present,mix 5kg Butachlor granules +5kg. 2,4,DEE granules 5days after drilling in water and do not let out the water from the field.

Question : How to controle Echinoclova in nursery?
Answer :

Clincher @ 2ml per liter of water.

Question : What is the chemical control of weeds in nursery?
Answer :

Apply 600 g Sofit (Pretilachlor 30 EC + Safener) after mixing in 60 kg sand/acre within three days after transplanting.

Question : What is the role of weeds in initiation and spread of sheath blight of rice?
Answer :

The weeds particularly doob (Cynodon dactylon) help in survival and spread of sheath blight of rice.

Question : Which herbicides can be used for controlling weeds in transplanted paddy?
Answer :

  • Pyrazosulfuron ethyl 10 % -250g / ha, mixed with 30 kg of sand or 500 lit of water and applied 3 - 5 days after transplanting. or
  • Pretilachlor 50 EC - 1.5 lit / ha, mixed with 30 kg of sand or 500 lit of water and applied 3 - 5 days after transplanting. or
  • Butachlor 5 % - 30 kg / ha, mixed with 30 kg of sand or 500 lit of water and applied 3 - 5 days after transplanting.
  • Bensulfuron methyl + Pretilachlor (6.69) - 10 Kg / ha, mixed with 30 kg of sand or 500 lit of water and    applied 3 - 5 days after transplanting.


Question : Name the rice varieties suitable for multiple cropping systems?
Answer :

PR 115 and Punjab Mehak 1.

Question : Which variety performs well in poor quality water?
Answer :

PR 118 and PAU 201.

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