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Question : How to control stem rot in rice crop?
Answer :

 Spray Validamysin or Hexaconazole 2ml per liter of water. Drain the water from the field.

Question : What is the control measure for control of False smut?
Answer :

Spray blitox 3g or Bavistin 1g per liter of water from afternoon. Do not spray in the morning hours as it may interfear with pollination.

Question : How to control sheath rot in rice?
Answer :

 Seed treatment with Bavistin 1g per liter of water. Spray 2g Dithane M-45 or Bavistin per liter of water.


Question : How to control sheath blight in rice?
Answer :

Clean cultivation. Spray Hexaconazole 2ml or Propiconazole 1ml or Validamycin 2ml per liter of water solution. Do not apply excess nitrogenous fertilizers.

Question : How to control blast in rice?
Answer :

Three types of blast ie., leaf blast, nodal blast and neck blast. Application of excess nitrogen aggravates the blast incidence. For control, spray Tricyglazole 0.6g or Fugi-1 2ml per liter of water solution on the crop.

Question : What is the role of weeds in initiation and spread of sheath blight of rice?
Answer :

The weeds particularly doob (Cynodon dactylon) help in survival and spread of sheath blight of rice.

Question : How symptoms of brown spot and leaf blast differ in paddy?
Answer :

In case of brown spot, the spots are round to oval in shape often surrounded by a yellow zone (yellow-halo) while in case of leaf blast these are spindle shaped with ash/whitish centre.

Question : What precautions should be taken while spraying copper oxychloride for the management of false smut of rice?
Answer :

Spray 500 g copper oxychloride in 200 litre of water/acre with knapsack sprayer.


Question : What are the precautionary measures for minimizing the incidence of bacterial leaf blight of rice?
Answer :

Grow resistant/moderately resistant varieties like HKR 120, PR 114, PR 116 and IR 64.

Avoid excessive use of nitrogen.

Avoid movement of water from diseased to healthy field.

Question : How much yield loss bacterial blight can cause when it appears at maximum tillering and booting stage in basmati rice varieties?
Answer :

33.3-82.1% depending upon the variety. The maximum yield loss has been observed in Pusa Basmati-1.


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