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Farmers demand water till April 10 to save standing paddy crop

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Farmers in Ballari taluk and Alur taluk of Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh, have urged the authorities to extend release of water to the low-level canal up to April 10 to save the standing paddy crop in Ballari taluk.
Addressing a joint press conference here on Thursday, Darur Purushotamgouda president of district unit of Karnataka Rajya Raitha Sangha and Hasiru Sene, and Ramreddy Samadgeri, farmer leader from Holagund Kurnool district, said that the quota for Karnataka comes to an end on March 31. Due to climatic change, the growth of paddy crop was affected and needed wetting till April 10.
“Farmers of Ballari taluk are demanding extension of release of water for ten days to save the standing crop and also the farmers to get good yield. If not, the farmers will undergo losses. To prevent this they will have to draw water from Andhra quota ultimately leading for clash between farmers”, they said.
Purshotamgoud informed that the Tungabhadra dam had excess storage of seven tmc feet. Release of one tmc feet was all that was required to save the standing crop and avoid the possible clashes.
Endorsing his views Ramareddy said extending Karnataka’s quota will help farmers of both the districts to reap good yield.
Purushotamgouda urged the minister and elected representatives of Ballari to take up the cause of the farmers with the Tungabhadra Board and ensure that farmers interest is protected by extending the release of water to Ballari taluk by ten days.
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