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India States Receive 2012-13 ‘Krishi Karman’ Awards for Higher Rice Production

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Two Indian states, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra, have received this year’s "Krishi Karman" awards for achieving higher rice production during the crop year 2012-13 (October – September).

Chhattisgarh received the 2012-13 Krishi Karman Award for best performance in paddy rice yield. According to government sources, the average rice yield in the state increased to around 2.041 tons per hectare in 2012-13, up about 71% from around 1.75 tons per hectare in 2011-12. Chhattisgarh produced around 6.28 million tons of rice in 2011-12, which is about 6% of India’s total rice production of around 104.3 million tons. The western state of Maharashtra, which produces around 2.8 million tons of rice annually, was awarded with commendation prize for rice.

The northern state of Haryana won the Commendation Award for Sustained High Productivity of Rice and Wheat for the year 2012-13. According to the Haryana Agriculture Department, the state recorded all-time high rice production at 3.98 million tons during the 2012-13 fiscal, which is about 4% of India's rice production. Haryana was the highest contributor of food grains (including both rice and wheat) to the Central Pool and ranks first among states in basmati rice exports, according to local sources.

The central state of Madhya Pradesh won the award in large category (food grain production more than 10 million tons), eastern state of Odisha won the award in medium category (food grain production 1 to 10 million tons) and Manipur won the award in small category (food grain production less than 1 million tons). In individual food grain crops, Chhattisgarh won the award for rice, Bihar for wheat, Jharkhand for pulses and Andhra Pradesh for coarse cereals.

Krishi Karman awards were instituted in 2010-11 by the Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture. They are given to Indian states for their effort and contribution towards increasing the country’s food grain production.

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