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Rice and Cultural Heritage in Punjab

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Rice and Cultural Heritage in Punjab 

Basmati Rice is the pride of Punjab and is being grown here since time immemorial. Earliest mention of word Basmati has been made in the epic “Heer and Ranjha” composed by the famous Punjabi poet Varish Shah in 1766.

In a compilation of “Races of Rice in India” Basmati has been described as a race of rice cultivated throughout the Punjabi and said to be the best. All festive occasions in the state are complete only with biryani or pulao served tapping the inherent ambrosial properties of basmati.

Baisakhi Festival is a seasonal festival with a special accent. It is celebrated all over the State on the first of Baisakh. This is the time when harvest is gathered in and the farmer exults in the fulfillment of his year's hard work. He joins the merry-making with full gusto and does not mind walking for miles to be able to do so. Since this fair is also an expression of prosperity, singing and dancing constitute its most enchanting features. The Punjab's famous Bhangra and Giddha are inextricably linked with this festival.

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