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Rice and cultural heritage in Rajasthan

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Rice and cultural heritage in Rajasthan

Rice is a central part of many cultures. The relationship between people and rice has inspired stories, songs and paintings. It is used in festivals and religious ceremonies and considered divine by many emperors and kings in ancient times. As a matter of fact rice has shaped the culture and dietary habits of its consumers.

In Rajasthan, when a woman first enters her husband's house, a measure of rice is kept on the threshold. This she scatters through her new home inviting prosperity and happiness. When the groom arrives at bridge's home her mother welcomes him by applying Kumkum on his and sprays rice grains over him. Rice is thrown on newly married couples as a symbol of fertility, luck and wealth. In all type of warships and holly occasions Kumkum (Roli) tilak or teeka is made on the forehead and rice grains ( Axat) is applied on it.

The rice, milk, sugar, clarified butter, nuts, spices, dry fruits are blended and cooked, attendants at the shrine jump into its scalding centre, to serve it as a holy offering to the pilgrims, the contents dramatically diminish as the waiting crowds consume it as prasad.

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