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Rice in rituals and customs in Jharkhand

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Rice in rituals and customs in Jharkhand

Sarhul festival: 

Sarhul is the most important festival of all the tribes in Jharkhand, though the way to celebrate the festival is slightly different from one to another. Sarhul, which also means Sal tree blossom, makes the tribal communities worship the tree of Sal to seek the blessings of their spirits. The festival is marked by extensive dance and music programs and unhindered drinking of Hanria (a local brew made of rice). Mukka Sendra is another festival that is celebrated just ones in every twelve years by Oraon women. During this festival, women of the tribe wear all the male cloths and gears and explore the entire region to hunt for animals. The hunting process continues for entire day and they can kill any animal whether it is a pet or wild one.

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