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Shaik N. Meera latest talk on Disruptive Extension

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Innovations in Rice Matter!

Indian farmers have been innovative in showing the world about best rice cultivation practices over the years while adapting or refining recommended technologies.  To help spur this innovative spirit, the Indian Institute of Rice Research organised “Innovative Rice Farmers’ Meet” at IIRR Campus, Hyderabad on 29 August 2015. 




Draft Proceedings of 50th ARGM Group Meetings, 11-15th April, 2015

Draft Proceedings of 50th Annual Rice Research Group Meetings, 2015

The draft proceedings of the 50th Annual Rice Research Group Meetings held at the Indian Institute of Rice Research, Rajendranagar during 11-15th April 2015 are available here. Please click on the attachement below for the detailed document of the proceedings.

RKMP- Private Sector Workshop, 24th September, 2013

 RKMP has organized a workshop for the private sector on 24TH September, 2013. The main aim of this workshop is to strengthen RKMP by involving the private sector & analyze what best can be done with Private sector partnerships. Several issues were identified during the workshop which are as follows:


1: Private information on public portal: Challenges 

2: Incorporating service component into RKMP

3: Platforms/ Interface Development for Private sector

4: Advertisements : prospects and issues

5: Mobile applications of RKMP–Perspectives of Private sector

The workshop ended up with actionable points for the involvement of private sector in strengthening RKMP activities. 




Towards simplifying the Rice Knowledge

 By now RKMP has been recognised as the largest repository of rice knowledge across the globe. In a series of innovations, that will have far reaching positive consequences in the rice knowledge dissemination, we are trying to simplify the rice knowledge into 8 broad categories. We urge our extension officers, to develop their own knowledge base using these 8 categories of information.


Tranplant Rice seedlings

Well the time for transplanting has come ….As your seedlings are 25-35 days old ,Uproot them slowly so as to minimize the shock during upliftment and transplant them in the main field.Plant 2 or 3 seedlings per hill by following a spacing of 30x20 cms. It can be done manually or by mechanical transplanters.

Time for Land Preparation

Its time for getting your land prepared for cultivating paddy. Land preparation serves to be the initial step in getting a better yield as it plays a vital role in crop establishment. Plough your land upto 15-20cms about 2-3 times and level it properly, ensure that it is free from weeds before sowing/transplanting. 


Land leveling is expected to bring permanent improvement in the value of land. Leveling work is carried out to modify the existing contours of land so as to achieve certain objectives desired for efficient agricultural production system. These objectives are includes:

(i) efficient application of irrigation water,

(ii) improved surface drainage,

(iii) minimum soil erosion

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Development of Basmati Rice Hybrid

1. Using the Basmati quality parental lines (CMS and restorer lines) developed at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, (IARI), New Delhi, the hybrid Pusa RH 10 was developed and it was released by CSCCSN&RV in July 2001 for commercial cultivation in the irrigated eco-systems of Haryana, Delhi and Uttaranchal.
2. It has an excellent grain quality early maturing hybrid, (in 115 days) as against 135 days taken by the best check variety Pusa Basmati 1, with 40% higher yield.

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