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E-Learning (Moodle)

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Welcome to the exciting world of e-learning!
We provide learning opportunities for extension officers and researchers working in Indian rice sector. Our aim is to provide learning experiences, without sounding too technical.
    With a view to bringing about knowledge based sustainable rice development, DRR has undertaken an institutional project on Applications of E-Learning in Agriculture: Designing an ODL Learning Content Management System (LCMS) for Rice Technologies. Final product of this project is an e-learning platform namely LEARNRICE.
    The present project is an initiative to gear up with the new technological and content needs of the rice sector near future. The ODL Learning Content Management System (LCMS) for Rice Technologies in place will help enhancing the online and offline training opportunities for the farmers, extension workers, development departments, NGOs and other key actors in large-scale adoption of improved rice technologies and knowledge across the country.  This will help in linking the effective learning with the immediate working conditions of the farmers and other rice workers.  Supporting immediate application of the learning in local situation will be an important outcome of the project.  It is expected that such an innovative extension approach using Open and Distance Learning methods will enhance the access to improved rice knowledge and information across the country, contributing to the agricultural development.  This endeavour will also help opening up new vistas in the distance learning and capacity building in the agriculture sector, a sector on which 65% Indian population depends for its livelihood.

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