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Case worm

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Local name : Chitri.

 Nature of damage of Case worm:

1. Larvae cut the leaf tips and roll by spinning both margins to make tubular case.

2. They live inside the tube, feed on leaves, float over the water to move from plant to plant and I defoliate rice plant before maximum tillering.

3. During heavy damage, leaves are skeletonised and appear whitish in colour.

Management of Rice Case Worm Tillering stage :

850 ml monocrotophos 36%/ 1500 ml chlorpyriphos 20%. Booting stage: 1100 ml monocrotophos 36%/ 800 ml fipronil 5%. Tillering Stage: 850 ml Endosulfan 35%/ 850 ml monocrotophos 36%.

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IGKV, Raipur
Photo Courtesy: 
Mr. Y. Kondal Rao (DRR)
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