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Crop establishment in Aerobic Rice Technology

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1. Off-season/ summer ploughing at least one month before final land preparation,
2. Seed rate - 40-50 kg/ha , depth of sowing- 2-3 cm. spacing - 15 X 20 cm in wet season and 15X15 cm in dry season.
3. Optimum time of sowing - 1st to 2nd week of December in dry season and 1st- 2nd week of June in wet season.
4. Use manual/ bullock drawn seed drill for small areas, while tractor drawn seed drill for larger areas.
5. Apply well decomposed FYM within furrows during sowing.
6. Soon after sowing, apply a light/ Hash irrigation, helpful for immediate germination and uniform emergence of crops.
7. Depending upon the situation, stale bed sowing could also be done that helps minimize initial weed pressure effectively in addition to prompt seedling emergence.

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