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DANTESHWARI (IET 15450, R302-111)

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1. Parentage - Samridhi x IR 8608-298.
2. Maturity - 100-105 days
3. Grain Type - Long slender grains
4. Biotic stress - i) Resistance to gall midge and tolerant to brown spot.
ii) It escapes most of the pest and diseases in Kharif season as being early.
5. Recommended regions/ areas - i) Normally escape drought stress being an early variety.
ii) Posses good physiological tolerance as well as to drought.
6. Areas of Adoption - The variety Danteshwari recommended all rice growing zones of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh state.
7. Special attributes - 1. Long slender, translucent grain with good head rice recovery.
2. Suitable for summer cultivation
8. Average yield - 30 to 35 q/ha.
9. Developed by - M. N. Shrivastava, A. K. Sarawgi, R. K. Sahu, R. K. Mishra, D. J. Pophaly, K. C. Agarawal, V.S. Trimurty, D. Sharma, N. K. Motiramani, N. Pandey, L. K. Mishra, N. Rastogi, R. Verma.

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IGKV, Raipur
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IGKV, Raipur
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