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Field Rat

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Scientific name : Bandicota bengalensis

Local name :

Damage of Field rat:

1. At early stage, rat cuts tillers and the affected area is seen as circular patches.

2. The rat revisits the same area next night and spreads the damage.

3. At later stage, it cuts ear heads and carries them to its burrow in which up to 2 kg of hoarded grain can be noticed.

Control of Field rat:

1. Baiting with zinc phosphide is most effective both in field as well as in house and storage godowns. Poison bait can be prepared by adding zinc phosphide 2parts+shredded food grains 96 parts + edible oil 1 part and sugar 1 part.

2. Fumigation of rat burrows using aluminium phosphide tablet @ 1 tab./burrow is suggested to kill the field rat.

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