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Gall midge ( Nel Kurutthu E)

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1. Common name- Gall midge

2. Scientific name - Orseolia oryzae

3. Vernacular name - Nel Kurutthu E ( நெல் குருத்து ஈ)

Symptom of damage of Gall midge:

• Maggot feeds at the base of the growing shoot
• Causing formation of a tube like gall that is similar to “onion leaf” or “Silver-shoot”.
• Infested tillers produce no panicles.

Identification of Gall midge:

• Egg: Reddish, elongate, tubular eggs just near the ligule of the leaf blade
• Larva: Maggot is pale to red colour feeds inside the gall.
• Pupa: pupates at the base of the gall and moves to tip of the gall
• Adult: Adult is orange coloured mosquito like fly.
Management of Gall midge:
• Early ploughing
• Resistant varieties: MDU 3, Shakthi, Vikram and Sureka
• Harvest the crop and plough immediately
• Remove the alternate hosts and adjust the time of planting (early)
• Use early maturing varieties
• Optimum recommendation of potash fertilizer
• Setup light trap and monitor the adult flies

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