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Green leafhopper ( Pachai thathu poochi)

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1. Common name - Green leafhopper .

2. Scientific name - Nephotettix virescens .

3. Vernacular name - Pachai thathu poochi ( பச்சை தத்துப்பூச்சி ).

Symptom of damage of Green leafhopper:

1.Yellowing of leaves from tip to downwards.

2. Vector for the diseases viz., Rice tungro virus, rice yellow & transitory yellowing.

3. Adults insects are green with black spot and black patch on wings.

Management of Green leafhopper:

• Use resistant varieties like IR 50, CR 1009, Co 46.

• Apply neem cake @ 12.5 kg/20 cent nursery as basal dose.

 • The vegetation on the bunds should also be sprayed with the insecticides.

 • set up light traps.

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