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Gundhi bug and Sucking bug

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Local name- Gundhi bug.

Nature of damage:

1. The adults and nymphs suck the juice from the developing grains in the early stage of grain formation.

2. Young succulent leaves and shoots are also attacked before the grain formation stage. Infestation is characterised by the presence of some empty or ill-formed grains in the panicles.

3. A hole is left on the grain at the point of puncture and around that hole a brownish spot develops causing discoloration of the panicles.

Management of Gindhi bug:

1. Dust Malathion or Carbaryl @ 30 kg of the formulation/ha 2. Spray monocrotophos 36 WSC @ 1500 ml ha-1 or endosulfan 35 EC @ 1500 ml ha-1 or carbaryl 50 WP @1500 g ha-1 or dust malathion or carbaryl @ 30 kg of the formulation ha-1.

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