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INDIRA BARANI DHAN-1 (RF-17-38-70, IET 21205)

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1. Parentage - Swarna x IR 42253
2. Maturity - 111-115 days
3. Grain Type - Medium Slender grain
4. Biotic stress - Moderately resistant to Stem Borer.
Field tolerance to Neck blast and Bacterial Bligh.
5. Recommended regions/ areas - a) This variety has been specifically bred for “Rainfed Shallow
Lowland Ecosystem” of Chhattisgarh plains and adopted to
Aerobic conditions.
b) It tolerates moderate level of drought and to some extent
escape terminal stage drought.
6. Areas of Adoption - Rainfed shalow lowlands of Chhattisgarh State.
7. Special attributes - Rainfed cultivation of whole rice growing areas of State.
8. Average yield - This Variety Indira Barani Dhan-1 possesses Medium Slender grain with golden
husk, High Head Rice Recovery (64.4%) and intermediate Amylose content (24.7).
40-45 q/ha.
9. Developed by - Drs S.B. Verulkar, Ms. Prabharani Chaudhari, A.K. Sarawgi, Arvind Kumar, Ravindra
Verma, Deepak Sharma, Arti Guhe, Alice Tirkey, G. R. Sahu, V. S. Trimurty, D.K.
Rana, R.L. Pandey and N.K. Motiramani.

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IGKV, Raipur
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