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Leaf folder (or) leaf roller (Elai suruttupuzhu)

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1. Common name- Leaf folder (or) leaf roller .

2. Scientific name - Cnaphalocrocis mainsails / Marasmia patnalis.

 3. Vernacular name - Elai suruttupuzhu ( இலை சுருட்டுப்புழு ).

Symptom of damage of Leaf folder :

• Leaves fold longitudinally and larvae remains inside.

• Larvae scrapes the green tissues of the leaves and becomes white and dry.

• During severe infestation the whole field exhibits scorched appearance.

Identification of Leaf folder

• Egg - Flat, oval in shape and yellowish white in colour.

• Larva - Greenish translucent

• Adult - Moth is brownish with many dark wavy lines in centre and dark band on margin of wings.

Management of Leaf folder

• Resistant varieties: TNAU LFR 831311, Cauveri, Akash, TKM 6.

• Clipping of the affected leaves.

• Keep the bunds clean.

• Avoid excessive nitrogenous fertilizers.

• Light traps to attract and kill moths.

• Release Trichogramma chilonis @ 1, 25,000/ha thrice.

 • Spray NSKE 5 % or carbaryl 50 WP 1 Kg or chlorpyriphos 20 EC 1250 ml/ ha.

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