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Management of Sheath Blight of Rice

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- Avoid excess doses of fertilizers.
- Adopt optimum spacing.
- Eliminate weed hosts.
- Apply organic amendments.
- Avoid flow of irrigation water from infected fields to healthy fields.
- Deep ploughing in summer and burning of stubbles.
- Seed Treatment: with Carbendazim 50 WP or Beam (Tricyclazole) @ 2 gm/kg seed.
- Seed treatment with biocontrol agent: Pseudomonas fluorescens @ of 10g/kg of seed followed by seedling dip @ of 2.5 kg or products/ha dissolved in 100 litres and dipping for 30 minutes. Soil application of P.fluorescens @ of 2.5 kg/ha after 30 days of transplanting (This product should be mixed with 50 kg of FYM/Sand and then applied.

Foliar spray: of 0.2% solution (@ 2 gm/lt water) of Hexaconazole (Contaf) or Validamycin mix with 500 lt water and spray in one hectare commencing from 45 days after transplanting at 10 days interval for 3 times depending upon the intensity of disease.

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