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Paddy Stemborer ( Thandu thulaippan)

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1. Common name - Paddy stemborer .

2. Scientific name - Scirpophaga incertulas.

3. Vernacular name - Thandu thulaippan (தண்டுத்துளைப்பான்).

 Symptom of damage of Paddy stemborer:

• Presence of brown coloured egg mass near leaf tip.

• Caterpillar bore into central shoot of paddy seedling and tiller.

• Causes drying of the central shoot known as “dead heart” .

• Grown up plant whole panicle becomes dried “white ear”.

Identification of insect pest of Paddy stemborer:

• Egg - Laid in a mass and covered with buff coloured hairs.

• Larva - Pale yellow with dark brown head.

• Pupa - White silken cocoon.

• Adult • Female moth - bright yellowish brown fore wings with a black spot possess a tuft of yellow hairs.

• Male moth - Smaller with pale yellow forewings without black spot

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