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Refinement of SRI (System of Rice Intensification)

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Profile of the Farmer: 

  • Name of the Farmer :  Thiru. R. Perumal
  • Location:  Kuthalam TK, Nagapattinam District, Tamilnadu
  • Date of Birth and Age as on 31 January 2011 : 14.03.1956 (55 years)
  • Educational Qualification: 6th Std
  • Landholding (in hectare): One hectare
  • Rice farming Experience (in years) : 30 yrs.
  • Cropping system adopted by farmer : Rice-Rice-Pulses/Green Manures


Title and Nature of Innovation

  • Refinement of SRI (System of Rice Intensification)

  • Seed rate @1.25 kg/ha
  • Wider spacing @ 50cm X 50cm
  • Drudgery reduction and labour   
  • Saving in transplanting and harvesting practice

Description of innovation:

 The  Seed rate used was @1.25 kg/ha  for Normal wetland nursery @12.5 cents area. The seedling age was 15 days and 40000 Seedling/ha was required for transplanting. A wider spacing @ 50cm X 50cm was followed. Due to the refinement of SRI technology drudgery was reduced  and labour saving in transplanting and harvesting practices was observed. We achieved 40-100 productive tillers/hill, 100-400 grains/panicle and the crop yield benefit was upto 6250 – 10000kg/ha.

 Problem Statement (How a particular problem was solved by the innovation):

  • Reduce the seed cost in term of reduced seed rate
  • Drudgery reduction and labour saving in transplanting and  harvesting practices during the labour crisis  periods 
  • Reduced labour and labour cost 
  • Less pest and disease incidence 
  • No lodging
  • No rat damage
  • Increased yield over conventional method

Process of technology development :

  • Frequent visit was made to Tamil Nadu Rice Research Institute, Aduthurai and visited various field trials conducted by Department of Agriculture and interacted with the Scientist.
  • Mini kit experiments were conducted over the past seven years in my field to fine tune the seed rate and spacing with help of TRRI and other scientist.
  • Reducing the seed rates from 75 kg/ha to 1.25 kg/ha and adoption of wider spacing (50cm x 50cm) instead of 25cm x 25cm was attractive.


  • No need of Rogueing 
  • Suitable for seed production
  • More monitory  return by mean of marketing paddy as seeds

Recognition for the innovation : Field trial were monitored by  Agriculture Officer and scientist and the same was published in News paper, TV and radio etc., 















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