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Rice case worm ( Nel kootu puzhu )

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1. Common name - Rice case worm.

2. Scientific name - Nymphula depunctalis.

  3. Vernacular name - Nel kootu puzhu.

  Symptom of damage of Rice case worm:

• Caterpillars feed on green tissues of the leaves and leave become whitish papery.

 • Tubular cases around the tillers by cutting the apical portion of leaves.

 • Floating of tubular cases on the water .

Identification of insect pest of Rice case worm:

• Larva - Pale translucent green with orange head.

• It has filamentous gills on the sides of the body.

 • Adult: Moth is delicate white moth with pale brown wavy markings.

Management of Rice case worm:

• Drain the water.

• Dislodge the cases – running rope.

• Nursery - Mix 100 ml kerosene in standing water and spray endosulfan 35 EC 30 ml / 8 cents.

• Spray endosulfan 35 EC 1000 ml / ha or monocrotophos 36 WSC 500 ml / ha.

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