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Rice field crab

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Scientific name : Paratelphusa hydrodromus

Local name :

Damage of Rice field crab:

1. The seedlings are cut by crabs at ground level into small bits which are carried to the holes for feeding.

2. In older plants outer sheaths are cut open and the inner portions are consumed.

3. In an attacked field bits of leaves and stems can be seen floating in water.

4. In badly damaged fields, where from the plants have been cut by crabs, can be noticed in patches.

Control of Rice field crab:

1. Poison baits with warfarin 0.025% in puffed rice mixed with fried onions and fish can be kept @ 3 g /hole on the bund for three weeks.

2. Spraying methyl parathion 50EC @ 1lit./ha over a thin sheet of water in the field and draining three days after application gives good control.

3. Granular application of thimet 10G @ 2kg/ha in between rice field and bund is effective.

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