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Rice Hispa

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Rice Hispa

Symptoms of damage:

1. The adult beetles feed on the epidermal tissue of the leaves and the grubs mine the leaf tissue and pupate there.

2. The beetles scrape the chlorophyll between the veins of the lamina resulting in whitish parallel streaks. Later, owing to indiscriminate feeding even on leaf veins, white blotches appear on leaves.

3. In severe epidemics leaves dry up and the crop presents a scorched appearance.

Control Measures:

1. Drain out the field.

2. For chemical control apply Endosulfan 35 E.C. @ 1.25 lit./ha or Quinolphos 25 E.C. @ 1.25 lit./ha or Phosphymidon 85 E.C.@ 300 ml/ha.

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DRD, Patna
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