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Rice Stem Borer

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Local name: Tanachedak  

Nature of Damage of Stem Borer :

1. Caterpillars bore into stem and feed internally causing death of central shoot"dead hearts" in vegetative stage and "white earhead" at milky stage respectively.

2. The larvae of the borers enter the tiller, feed, grow and cause the characteristic symptoms of ‘dead hearts’ or ‘white ears’ depending on the crop stage.

3. At tillering stage, the feeding frequently results in severing the apical parts of the plant from the base.

4. The central leaf whorl does not unfold, turns brownish and dries out although the lower leaves remain green and healthy. This condition is known as ‘dead heart’. Affected tillers dry out without bearing panicles.

Management of stem borer:

At seedling stage seedling: 33 kg Carbofuron 3G/ 10 kg phorate 10G.

At tillering stage: 25 kg cartap 4G/ 25 kg fipronil 0.3G.

Booting Stage: 1100 ml monocrotophos 36% / 2000 ml chlorpyriphos 20%.

Panicle emergence : 1500 ml monocrotophos 36% / 2500 ml chlorpyriphos 20%.

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