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Seed Quality Control

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Name: Seed Quality Control
Benefits Offered:
1. Seed selling licenses are issued.
2. The Seed selling points are inspected periodically and samples are drawn for quality check.
3. Complaints on poor quality seeds are processed.
4. Legal actions are taken against defaulters.
Eligibility: Any person desired to sell seeds can do so by obtaining a license from the concerned Deputy Director of Seed Inspection. License fee Rs.50/- selling points. (Valid for 3 years) Renewal fee Rs.20 / selling point. (Valid for 3 years.)
Officer to be approached: Concerned Deputy Director of Seed Inspection.
Time limit for sanction/rejection: 1.The decision on acceptance/rejection of application for license will be communicated within 15 days.
Appellate Authority:
Director of Seed Certification
1424A, Thadagam Road,
Coimbatore - 641 013.
Phone: 0422-2432984
Tele fax: 0422-2457554
Website: www.seedtamilnadu.com51

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