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Sheath Blight

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Sheath Blight

Casual Organism: Rhizoctonia Solani


  • The disease affects at tillering stage.
  • The infection starts in the form elliptical or oval greenish grey spots appearing on the leaf sheaths near the water level.  
  • These enlarge as irregular, elongated spots with white centre brown margin and progressively spread upwards on stem and leaves.  
  • The entire plant is blighted and dries up.
  • A dry spell followed by shower, high relative humidity, closer planting, excess N application favors to spread the disease.


  • Grow resistant varieties like Rajendra Dhan 201, IR 36, IR 20, Saket, Prabhat, Turant Dhan, Raj Shree etc.
  • Seed treatment with Carbendazim @ 2 gm/Kg of seed.
  • Adequate drainage facilities to be provided.  
  • Spray Streptocyclin 250 gm and Blitox 50 E.C. @ 2.5 Kg in 1000 lit. of water 3 times at 10-15 days interval, Endofil –M 45 @ 3 gm/ lit. of water.
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DRD, Patna
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Dr.Krishnaveni DRR
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