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Swarming caterpillar ( Nel Padaipuzhu )

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1. Common name- Swarming caterpillar.

 2. Scientific name - Spodoptera mauritia .

3. Vernacular name - Nel Padaipuzhu ( நெல் படைப்புழு).

Symptom of damage of Swarming caterpillar

• Larvae cut the seedlings in large scale  .

• Severe infestation - cattle grazing appearance to the field.

• They feed gregariously and march from field to field.

Identification of insect pest of Swarming caterpillar

• Egg - Laid in masses on leaves and covered with grey hairs.

 • Larva - Caterpillar is cylindrical dark to pale green with lateral lines along the body.

• Pupa - Pupates in an earthen cocoon in soil.

• Adult - Moth is medium sized stoutly build.

• Dark brown with a conspicuous triangular spot on fore wings.

Management of Swarming caterpillar:

• Kerosenate the water while irrigation – suffocation .

• Allow ducks into the field Nursery .

• Drain the water.

 • Spray chlorpyriphos 20 EC 80ml or endosulfan 35 EC 80ml + 20 lit of water for 8 cents

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