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Bacterial leaf blight (BLB)

Symptom of Bacterial leaf blight

1. ‘Kresk’ occurs in early stage (plant withers and dries up), in later stage blightining starts from the tip of the leaves to the base, straw turned yellow, partially filled grains.


1. Use balanced fertilizer dose.

2. Drain out excess of water.

3. Use resistant varities like


Whorl maggot

 Nature of Damage of Whorl maggot :

1. Yellow spots, transparent streaks and pin holes are the other symptoms found on leaves. Neonate maggots feed on the unopened central leaves.

2. Under severe infestation many broken or bent leaves willappear resulting in poor growth and reduced tillering.

Management of Whorl maggot:

• Application of carbofuron granules in the nursery 5-7 days before pulling of seedlings will protect


Rice Stem Borer


Local name: Tanachedak  

Nature of Damage of Stem Borer :

1. Caterpillars bore into stem and feed internally causing death of central shoot"dead hearts" in vegetative stage and "white earhead" at milky stage respectively.

2. The larvae of the borers enter the tiller,


Rice blast

Local name: Causal organism: magnaporthe grisea

1. This diseases affects the crop at all the crop stages viz., nursery, tillering and flowering. The yield loss ranges from 36-50 % depending upon the variety and environment condition.

2. Typical leaf lesion are spindle shaped, usually with redish yellow margin; grey in the centre.

3. Leaves of susceptible variety


Case worm


Local name : Chitri.

 Nature of damage of Case worm:

1. Larvae cut the leaf tips and roll by spinning both margins to make tubular case.

2. They live inside the tube, feed on leaves, float over the water to move from plant to plant and I defoliate rice plant before maximum tillering.

3. During

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