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Commercialization of Rice-Fish Farming System

 Model of CRRI-A Scuccess Story by D.P Sinhababu and G.A.K Kumar 



SNEHA : RR 19-2 : IET 11482

Parentage: Annada / CR 143-2-2 
Release & notification: 1992 
Breeder: Dr. K. Prasad 
Ecology: Aerobic & semi-aerobic uplands 
Area of adaptability: Orissa 
Special feature: Semi-dwarf, duration 75 days, long bold grain, resistant to stink bug (rice bug) and rice tungro, suitable for multiple-cropping, average yield 2.0-2.5

Production Economy of Aerobic Rice Technology

1. In this that water saving would be in the range of 35-40% while curtailing conventional irrigation water requirement of 1700-1800 mm (application efficiency 35-38%) to 1000-1200 mm (application efficiency 40-45%) in aerobic rice: that results in water productivity of 0.45-0.55 g grain'' liter of applied water compared with 0.25-0.30 g grain/ liter of applied water in conventional system

Cropping system of Aerobic Rice Technology

1. Grow a suitable non rice crop after growing aerobic rice in two successive seasons, 2. Grow groundnut, cowpea or green gram during dry season at alternate year in sequence with dry season-wet season aerobic rice system, or growing them at 2 years' interval in sequence with dry season aerobic rice alone. 3. Apply Curbofuran 3G at 33 kg/ha as precautionary measures against rice root -knot nematode (Meloidogyne graminicola), the most prevalent disease.
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