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Scientific name : Microtermes obesi .

Local name :

Damage of Termite: 

1. Termite feeding on the roots cause yellowing older leaves of plants, then wilting and finally collapsing of the plant.

2. Damaged plants can easily be pulled out by hand. Termite attack on the germinating seeds render to loss of plant stand a


Rice case worm


Scientific name: Nymphula depunctalis

Local name:

Damage of Rice case worm:

1. Larvae cut off the leaf tips and prepare a cylindrical tube like case and dwell inside it and often float in water.

2. They move with their cases and feed on leaves by scraping patches of green tissues sometime leaving only the


Leaf folder


Scientific name : Cnaphalocrocis medinalis.

 Local name:

Damage of Leaf folder:

1. Larvae fold the leaves, remain inside the fold and scrape green tissues between the veins which makes the leaves white and papery.

2. Gradually the leaves dry up and the field presents a scorched appearance.



Green leaf hopper(GLH)


Scientific Name: Nephotettix virescens

Local name:

Damage of Green leaf hopper:

1. Nymph and adult suck cell sap and attract sooty mould.

2. Heavy infestation causes withering and complete drying of crop.

3. This pest is a potent vector transmitting several viral diseases like rice tungro diseases whic


Rice bug/ Gundhi bug/ Ear head bug


Scientific Name : Leptocorisa acuta.

 Local Name :

Damage of Gundhi bug:

Sucking of grain sap by the bug causes ill-filled/ partially filled and chaffy grains and subsequent infection by fungi and bacteria results in grain discolouration.

Control of Gundhi bug:

When pest population

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