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Farmers opt for paddy variety that needs less water

One of the farmers who is cultivating the KRH-4 paddy variety in Matada Doddi village near Malavalli in Mandya district.

Farmers in at least six districts, who were affected by deficient rainfall this year, have come forward to cultivate a hybrid variety of paddy, KRH-4, developed by the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore, which requires less water compared to other varieties.

The paddy variety, developed after several years of research and field trials, is expected to yield 7.8 tonnes a hectare, which is more than double the yield from traditional varieties, according to UAS-B authorities.

Hundreds of farmers have expressed their willingness to cultivate KRH-4 paddy in over 5,000 acres of land in Mandya, Mysore, Hassan, Tumkur, Shimoga and Ramanagaram districts, N. Shivakumar, a breeder at the Paddy Division at the V.C. Farm here, told The Hindu on Sunday.

Promoting the variety

To promote the KRH-4 paddy, the UAS-B is cultivating the variety in 125 acres of land in various districts using the innovative and water saving method of System of Rice Intensification. Standing crop in most of the fields is in the ‘milky’ stage, which will be followe

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