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Seasons of karnataka

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Major Rice growing seasons of Karnataka can be broadly classified into three seasons, viz., kharif, Hingaaru, Besige.

1. kharif (Mungaaru in Kannada) (June-July) : In all the rice growing ecosystems of Karnataka Kharif sowing is common. while during Summer season the crop is cultivated mainly in the irrigated maidan areas of north and south.

2. Hingaaru (Rabi) season: In tank-fed areas, the crop is taken up late in the season (August-September) (called Hingaaru in Kannada) depending upon the monsoon showers.

3. summer (Besige in Kannada) (January- February): In coastal area, one can see a specific situation where a second crop is sown in September- October and harvested in January-February and the third crop is cultivated between December-January and March-

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