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30. Molecular     breeding     for     submergence tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa L) - Neeraja CN, Septiningsih EM, Collard BCY, Reddy JN and Mackill DJ.

                          Economizing Input Use: Nutrient and Water Use Efficiency



31. Predisposition  and  redesigning  of  genetic networks  of    rice    for   accommodating nitrogen-fixing rhizobial symbiosis - Reddy PM, Altúzar-Molina AR, Ortiz-Berrocal M, Medina-Andrés R, López-Sámano M, Martínez- Aguilar L and Velázquez-Hernández MDL.

32. Biological and synthetic sources of nitrogen – can they be complimentary? - Ladha JK.


33. Enhancing    water    use    efficiency    and effective use of water as a potential strategy to develop rice cultivars suitable for semi- irrigated  aerobic  cultivation  -  Sheshshayee MS, Mohankumar MV, Raju BR, Pratibha MD, Rajanna MP, Mohanraju B and Udayakumar M.


34. Activation tagging for mining novel genes in indica rice - Moin M, Bakshi A, Bharadwaj JP, Kumar ES, Kumar SV, Rao GSK,   Kumar GR, Rao TB, Ramesh B,  Rambabu B, Neetasri C, Mahendranath G, Rao KV, Balachandran SM, Sundaram RM, Anuradha G, Kumar MU, Siddiq EA and Kirti PB.


                                                    Nutrient Rich Wholesome Rice


35. Development   of   rice   and   maize   with multiple essential nutrients through simultaneous multi-pathway engineering - Zhu C, Farré G, Chao B, Rivera S, Arjo G, Sanahuja G, Zorrilla-Lopez U, Berman J, Capell T and Christou P.

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