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37. Genetically engineered rice with iron and carotenoids - Datta K, Paul S, Ali N, Gayen D, Ghosh S, Karmakar A, Bhattacharya S, Sengupta S and Datta SK.

38. Engineering crop plants with seed storage protein for improved nutritional quality Narula K, Chakraborty N, Datta A and Chakraborty S.

39. Perspectives towards designing rice grain quality - Rani NS, Sheshu MM, Prasad GSV, Suneetha K, Babu VR, Rao LVS, Sundaram RM, Sivaranjani AKP and Srikanth S.

40.  Improvement   of   iron   and   zinc   in   rice varieties through conventional and molecular approaches - Babu VR, Neeraja CN, Longvah T, Surekha K, Usharani G and Viraktamath BC.

41.  Engineering a C4 rice - Quick WP.

42.  Research for better rice to cope with heat stress - Mittal D and Grover A.

43. Developing C4 rice: A   physiological perspective in relation to climate change - Voleti SR, Subrahmanyam D and Rao PR

44. Integrating transcriptome profiling, re- sequencing, high throughput SNP genotyping,  and  chemically  induced mutants for functional genomics of rice 
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