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Directory of Rice Researchers
  • Indian rice research and rice development programmes have been recognized as successful model endeavors all over the world.In fact, with about 700 rice scientists working on rice, the All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Project (AICRIP) is the largest network of scientists on a single crop.The diversity of rice scientists is as good as that of the rice growing regions of the country.
  • At a single place, Directory of Rice Researchers - you will find all those champions, who have been working on various researchable issues related to this most important crop.

Dr. R.M. Sundaram

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Name :
Dr. R.M. Sundaram
Date of Birth :
Designation :
Senior Scientist (Biotechnology)
Office Address :
Department of Biotechnology Directorate of Rice Research, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-30
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Area of Specialization :
Molecular Breeding
Active Field of Work :
Application of molecular tools for Biotic stress resistance, heterosis breeding and grain quality enhancement
Testimonials :
Experience (in Years) :
Major Achievements :
• Developed and released a bacterial blight resistant, high yielding, fine-grain type rice variety-Improvement Samba Mahsuri • Developed a DNA marker-based protocols for rapid and reliable assessment of genetic purity of rice hybrids and their parental lines • Tagged and fine-mapped a major rice gall midge resistance gene, Gm1 and a wild-rice derived bacterial blight resistance gene-Xa33 • Identified a set of EST-SSR markers useful for prediction of heterosis
Publications(Nos) :
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3 keywords to identify my work :
• Molecular breeding for biotic stress resistance • Appliction of molecular markers in heterosis breeding • Utilization of genomic and bioinformatic tools for rice improvement
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