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Directory of Rice Researchers
  • Indian rice research and rice development programmes have been recognized as successful model endeavors all over the world.In fact, with about 700 rice scientists working on rice, the All India Coordinated Rice Improvement Project (AICRIP) is the largest network of scientists on a single crop.The diversity of rice scientists is as good as that of the rice growing regions of the country.
  • At a single place, Directory of Rice Researchers - you will find all those champions, who have been working on various researchable issues related to this most important crop.

Pradip Chandra Dey

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Name :
Pradip Chandra Dey
Date of Birth :
Designation :
Principal Scientist
Office Address :
Regional Agriculture Research Satation, AAU, Titabar
Fax No :
Phone Number
office :
Mobile :
Residence :
Email :
Alternate Email :
Area of Specialization :
Crop Physiology
Active Field of Work :
Physiological Research On rice
Testimonials :
RARS, Titabar, Assam
Experience (in Years) :
Major Achievements :
1. Technology for drought mitigation in upland direct seeded rice. 2. Selection criteria for tolerance to waterlogged situation in rice. 3. Strategic technology for submergence tolerance in rice
Publications(Nos) :
Research Papers :
Manual/Books :
Bulletins :
Popular Articles :
Symposia Papers :
3 keywords to identify my work :
1. Stress Physiology 2. Submergence tolerance in rice 3. Tolerance to waterlogged situation in rice
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