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Prof EA Siddiq
  • One of the eminent scholars of our time, Padma Shri Prof. Siddiq writes for RKMP on "Rice Research in India" covering various aspects. This comprehensive paper covers different facets of rice research carried out in India since Independence. While going through this paper, we hope that you will experience the transformation that the country has seen in last five decades.
  • Welcome to the journey of Indian rice research!

100 years of rice science and looking beyond

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Proceedings of International symposium on "100 years of rice science and looking beyond"

 The Inauguration of Centenary Celebrations of the Paddy Breeding Station (PBS) and the International symposium on “100 years of Rice Science and Looking Beyond” was commenced with Prayer.

Dr.M.Paramathma, Director of Research, TNAU, welcomed the dignitaries and participants. Dr.P.Murugesa Boopathi, Vice Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University delivered the Presidential address. In his presidential address he narrated the achievements of Paddy Breeding Station and highlighted the significance of modern scientific technologies in solving the future problems. Thiru K.R.Arjunan, Member, Board of Management, TNAU offered his felicitations. Padmashri Dr.E.A.Siddiq, ANGRAU, Hyderabad and Padmashree Dr.M.Mahadevappa, Ex-Chairman, ASRB during their felicitations remembered their personal association with the Paddy Breeding Station which was their alma matter during their student days. Dr.Swapan K.Datta, DDG (CS), ICAR, New Delhi in his address spoke on the significance of TNAU in ushering in new production technologies and he emphasized that the countrys scientific community is not in dearth of cutting edge technologies to revolutionize rice production required to meet the growing population. Dr. Achim Dobermann, DDG, IRRI, Philippines highlighted the significance of 100 years of rice science in India and expressed his conviction that considering history of rice cultivation in Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore was the right choice to initiate rice research in the country. Thiru. Sandeep Saxena, I.A.S, Agricultural Production Commissioner & Secretary to Government of Tamil Nadu narrated the various schemes of the government to boost rice production. Shri V. Venkatachalam, I.A.S., Special Secretary, Department of Agri. & Coop. Government of India also offered his felicitations to the event and more so to the rice scientists of India and their achievements. The Honorable Minister for Agriculture and Pro- Chancellor of TNAU unveiled the statue of the first Indian Paddy Specialist, Dr. K. Ramiah and released books, Symposium Proceedings and Souvenir. The Honorable Minister in his special address appreciated the role played by Paddy Breeding Station in the past 100 years and its contribution to boost the rice yield in Tamil Nadu through development of high yielding rice varieties and hybrids and improved production technologies. He also said tempo should be kept up and more number of higher yielding varieties / hybrids are to be released for the benefits of rice growers in Tamil Nadu to bring in second green revolution in the state as well as the country. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. K. Thiyagarajan, Director, Centre for Plant Breeding and Genetics, TNAU and organizing secretary of the Symposium.

The prime topics discussed during the symposium were:
1.  RICE HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENT :  Detailed lectures on evolution of rice,PBS ,landmarks in rice research,Role of AICRIP in Rice Improvement, SRI cultivation ,Rice Germplasm collection and conservation  were given and discussed.
2.  GENETICS AND GENOMICS IN RICE BREEDING - ABIOTIC STRESS : Discussions highlighted validation of markers, molecular markers vs phenotype, , foreground and background selection, use of functional markers , evaluation of rice Near Isogenic Lines Genetic improvement for drought and other abiotic stress resistance.
3.  GENETICS AND GENOMICS IN RICE BREEDING – YIELD AND NUTRITION : Topics on Green Super Rice ,Biotechnology driven pre-breeding ,Nutritional enhancement of rice endosperm ,Improvement of iron and zinc in rice variety ,Genetic engineering for semi dwarf rice were dealt.
4.  HYBRID RICE :  Discussions on hybrid rice research in india,characterization of the potentiality of male and female sterile lines,role f hybrid rice in sustainability,and evolution of hybrid  rice were done
5.  RICE QUALITY AND VALUE ADDITION : Rice Quality Breeding &"Future Research Needs for effective Post harvest management of Rice" were  highlighted
6.  RICE POLICY :  topics on ICT tools for extension programs were discussed .An insight into RKMP("Rice Knowledge Management Portal’) and  Paddy Expert Sysyem were given.The production scenario of rice in India was discussed.
7.  RICE AND CLIMATE CHANGE : Sustaining rice production under changing climate was the main agenda. An innovative approach to mitigate green house gas emissions from paddy farming was also discussed.
8.  RICE AND CLIMATE CHANGE-CHANGING PEST AND   DISEASE SCENARIO : Developing virus resistance in rice, Toxicity evaluation of Indigenous Bacillus thrungenesis isolates, & Age factor influence of the resistance against rice bacterial blight disease were discussed.
9. RICE MECHANIZATION - FUTURE THRUST : Discussions on the Mehanisation of rice cultivation through the use of improved farm implements and machineries for enhancing productivity and profitability in rice farming were carried. 


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