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Based on an exhaustive collection of terms from various sources, RiceVocs - A Compendium of Rice related vocabulary has been developed. This document along with Information Architecture is used for tagging purposes to make RKMP a semantic portal.

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Active collection

A breeder's term for a collection of germplasm that is used often and is maintained live.

Active ingredient

The potent portion of a compound (such as fertilizer, insecticide, fungicide or herbicide applied on the soil or plant) used as basis to estimate the chemical effect. Useful for comparing the strength or toxicity of chemicals.

Active tillering stage

The vegetative phase is characterized by active tillering, gradual increase in plant height, and leaf emergence at regular intervals. Growth will be to maximum tiller number. During this phase tiller number, height and straw weight increase.

Active vegetative stage

The growth stage of plants when there is rapid development of leaves, tillers, branches, or stems.


Gradually tapering to a sharp, prolonged point (e.g., rice leaves).


To fit or adjust to a particular environment or a set of specific climatic conditions through a change in the plant's growth and development.


Adaptability is a feature of a system or of a process.


The process of becoming suited to new or different environmental conditions or for particular functions.

Adaptive research

Research conducted to validate, modify, or calibrate a new technology to specific soil, climate, socioeconomic, or environmental characteristics of a given area.


Degree of being adapted to a certain environment or environments.

Additive effects of genes

The effects produced by the sum of more than one pair of genes to improve desirable characters or suppress undesirable characters of a plant.


A mixture is a material system made up by two or more different substances which are (mixed) together but are not combined chemically. Mixture refers to the physical combination of two or more substances the identities of which are retained.


Adenosine-5'-diphosphate, a complex sugar-phosphorus compound formed as a result of expenditure of energy and the loss of a phosphate group from the energy-rich ATP (adenosine triphosphate) compounds.


1) The sticking up of molecules or ions at a surface, including exchangeable cations and anions on soil particles. 2) The sticking of a liquid, or gas or dissolved substance to a solid, resulting in higher concentration of the substance.

Adult (Insect)

The mature stage of an insect which occurs after the nymphal or pupal stages. Adult insects usually have wings and mature sexual organs.

Adult plant resistance

Resistance manifested mainly in mature plants and less apparent in the seedling stage.

Advanced generation

A generation later than the fourth or fifth after crossing.


Not inherent but added extrinsically. Like accidental. Of or belonging to a structure that develops in an unusual place.

Adventitious prop roots

Roots formed at the higher nodes above the soil surface.

Adventitious roots

Roots developing from any part of a plant other than roots, which are formed from nodes of the plant. After 10-20 days of growth, all roots of the rice plant are adventitious roots.

Adverse conditions

Unfavourable or undesirable or harmful conditions


To impregnate with a gas, usually air.


Aerenchyma is an air channel in the roots of some plants, which allows exchange of gases between the shoot and the root. The channel of large air-filled cavities provides a low-resistance internal pathway for the exchange of gases such as oxygen and ethylene between the plant above the water and the submerged tissues.

Aerial branching at nodes

New shoots which develop at nodes high on the culm following the cutting of panicles.

Aerial root

Roots that grow above the ground from the nodes.

Aerial tillers

Tillers that grow above the ground level.

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